List of effects

Berserk has an array of abilities and spells that can impact the course of a game. Many cards will simply explain what they do within the ability text of the card. But for some cards Keywords are used, to describe abilities that are otherwise too wordy, or show up on several different cards.

- Blessing — Provides a positive effect to a friendly card, specific details are on each card - Curse — Provides a negative effect to an enemy card, specific details are on each card - Heal — Restores hitpoints to either your hero or creatures. - Immortal — When your hero is Immortal your life points cannot be targeted by enemy attacks or spells - Immune — Immune creatures cannot be affected by any targeted spells, abilities, or attacks. - Lifesteal — Heals itself during combat, equal to the damage dealt. - Poison — Applies a negative debuff that deals 2 damage at the end of turn for each stack of poison, Poison lasts for 1 turn, but applying additional stacks will refresh the timer. - Rage — Creature gains +1/+0 during your Upkeep step - Reborn — The first time a Reborn creature dies, it is resummoned with its base attack and HP. - Sleep — When a card is first summoned it is asleep, and cannot attack until your next turn. - Stoneskin — When a Stoneskin creature takes damage, the attacker is stunned for 1 turn. - Strike — A strike creature has multiple attacks. - Stun — A creature that is Stunned is unable to defend itself, and will be unable to attack for 1 turn. - Summon — Summons an additional card to the board when played. (if there is space to do so) - Taunt — Forces creatures to attack this card before being able to target any other creatures or Hero life points directly. - Undead — Does not suffer from Sleep. Able to attack immediately when summoned.

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