Discord commands

You can use the following commands to get information on specific topics: Regular Bot Commands !welcome - a brief welcome message !pyr - Our token !pyruse - Where to use pyr? !wallet - Details on the My Forge wallet !articles - list of articles regarding Vulcan Forged and it's dApps !games - List of games on Vulcan Forged !info - websites/socials !vulcanverse - some basic info about VulcanVerse !land - Details on land in the verse !lava - Information on lava !vulcanites - explains Vulcanites !titans - a brief summary regarding Titans !olympians - a brief summary regarding Olympians !marketplace - explains the Marketplace !fire - info on our intermediary token FIRE !stuck - help when an item is stuck in escrow !berserk - some basic info about Berserk !partners - current list of partners

Important Bot Commands !wood - information about the wood conspiracy !wen - Time needed for a wen or when event There are also other commands, only to be used in #commands: !rank — displays your current Discord server rank

Please do not mis- or overuse the commands available

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