Experience points (XP)

XP holds no monetary value, is held off-chain, and cannot be traded. However, XP is required for maximum Play to Earn potential and in order to do any of the following.

Level up your account. Achievement levels credit your account with a new status based on accumulated XP. You will start as 'wormling' and while you earn more and more XP you can eventually become an 'immortal demi-god'. These levels unlock different kinds of features.

XP is used to:

  • Level up your Avatar

  • Activate seeds

  • Level up your Vulcanites Stats

  • Participate in Events dependant on the Account level

  • Gamble in Vulcan Poker

  • Upgrade items/ appearance

  • Unlock features in Berserk

  • A constant flow of XP is necessary to be able to Stake Land (in-active game accounts won’t receive staking rewards)

You earn XP by carrying out simple tasks such as the following examples (full list with all routes coming soon): - Foraging, Battling, Spying, or Defending with your Vulcanites - Visiting Landmarks in VulcanVerse - Travelling X distance - Winning or losing in any of Vulcan Forged games

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