How can I acquire PYR|ETH through Uniswap?

This section will focus on getting PYR | ETHEREUM from Uniswap into your Metamask wallet.

This section requires a previous working knowledge of Metamask. IF you don’t have a Metamask account or are unfamiliar with it, please check out Metamask before proceeding.

WARNING: PYR | ETHEREUM is different than PYR | MATIC and it’s important to keep in mind which token you’re working with when it comes to transacting, failure to identify which token you’re working with may result in irreversible loss of funds.

This method also requires Uniswap V2 if it’s not selected by default.

Step 1: Visit Uniswap. If not already connected, select Connect Wallet.

Step 2: Choose from the list of options, for this tutorial we will be using Metamask.

Step 3: Click Select a token. You will then need to paste the PYR ERC-20 address into the search bar.

  • 0x430ef9263e76dae63c84292c3409d61c598e9682

Also available through CoinMarketCap where you can copy directly from the browser.

Step 4: Paste the copied address into the search box and select the ‘Import’ button.

NOTE: If you are on Uniswap v3, you will receive this error message when trying to import the token, by clicking ‘Import’ and proceeding you will be able to switch to Uniswap v2 in the next step.

Note: If seeing insufficient liquidity, it’s probable that you’re using Uniswap V3, click on this button to switch to Uniswap V2.

Step 5: Enter the amount of ETH (or other ERC-20 token) that you would like to convert to PYR | ETHEREUM & can initiate the transaction by selecting the Swap button.

Step 6: Verify transaction details are correct. Press Confirm Swap to continue.

Step 7: Click Confirm when the Metamask Popup appears. Wait for the transaction while it is in progress (May take a while).

NOTE: If you see this message you have successfully submitted the transaction. Within a few minutes, your ETH (or other ERC-20 token) should be successfully converted into PYR with the new token balances appearing in your Metamask wallet.


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