Level up your Vulcanite's stats

Each Vulcanite, when new, comes with base stats. These stats can be leveled up to a pre-defined maximum. So for example, if your new Alpha has a max attack of 1,000, it may start with only 200. You will utilize the Lava you earn in-game and by interacting with other Vulcan Forged ecosystem games to increase your Alpha’s attack stats. 1 XP = 1 point, so it would require 800 additional XP to be put into your Alpha’s attack stats to increase it to 1,000. To check Vulcanites stats head to: https://vv.vulcanforged.com/Hades

All vulcanites start and stay at their level. I.e. if you own a level 4 Blubberjaw — it will start as a level 4 Blubberjaw with low stats, and when fully maxed out, it will be a level 4 Blubberjaw with maxed out stats.

Any Vulcanite who has fully maxed out stats will reflect such on their NFT card, which will come to life with motion once maxed! Imagine posting your maxed out Chthonius on the marketplace, with full movement — people will be eager to get their hands on that! Some Vulcanites have special abilities — for example, higher-level Vulcanites can even carry your VulcanVerse avatar (the character you play in-game as)! Currently, the lowest level vulcanite to allow an Avatar to ride on is Thunder, a level 4 War Elephant in Boreas. After that, it’s level 5’s and up.

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