LAVA and Play-to-Earn

Vulcan Forged has a plethora of games and is expanding at a rapid rate. However, an ecosystem needs users, games need players, and play-to-earn models are proving successful across the gaming industry.

We reward users with LAVA CRYSTALS, an off-chain value linked to wallets, by simply playing and engaging with any Vulcan Forged made or hosted game.

Some specific examples of how to earn LAVA:

  • Win matches in any Vulcan Forged games e.g. Berserk, Block Babies, Forge Arena, Chess

  • Explore our giant Virtual World VulcanVerse (measured in time played, or distance covered)

  • Trade regularly in the Vulcan Market Place

  • Upgrade your VulvanVerse land, Titans or Olympians

  • Receive ‘Appreciations’ of your land in VulcanVerse

  • Snapshot your land, or current rankings to blockchain

NB. LAVA is also required to upgrade assets across our ecosystem including VulcanVerse land as well as assigning powers to various cards. ‘Hoarding’ or spending your LAVA is your choice

More LAVA use cases will be added here when available.

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