Staking & levelling land

Another aspect of VulcanVerse is staking. You need to own land and level it up to at least level 2 and stake $PYR in your land to start getting rewarded. Land can be leveled up to level 7 for maximum staking rewards.

There are two stages to this:

First, you must SOW the land. This is a ONE time action and represents the fee needed. Land can be sown and sold to enable a buyer to skip the fee before they level it. Once land has been sown, it will never lose sown status

Once land is SOWN, there is a 20-day period before it is open to be UPGRADED. To upgrade the land you must stake PYR inside it. As long as that PYR is there it will remain at that level. If PYR is removed then it will drop level instantly.

Below is a guide to the PYR+ Lava requirements to level up your plots:

Leveled land can be sold as such via the marketplace.

Getting excited and want to find out how to buy land? Check out the VulcanVerse land map explorer. The yellow squares are plots for sale at the Vulcan Forged marketplace.

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