How can I acquire PYR|ETH through KuCoin?

This section will focus on getting PYR|ETH from KuCoin. After obtaining PYR in the ERC-20 Network, it may be necessary to bridge it into PYR|MATIC to transact with it in the Vulcan Forged marketplace.

This section also requires a previous working knowledge of Metamask. If you don’t have a Metamask account or are unfamiliar with it, please check out Metamask before proceeding.

WARNING: PYR|ETH is different than PYR|MATIC and it’s important to keep in mind which token you’re working with when it comes to transacting. Failure to identify which token you’re working with may result in irreversible loss of funds.

Step 1: All funds sent to KuCoin are found in the “Main Account”. This is where funds will be deposited and withdrawn from. The “Trading Account” is the only account you can use to trade with. So funds will need to be moved from the “Main Account” to the “Trading Account” for you to trade with them and in- kind, funds will need to be moved from the “Trading Account” to the “Main Account” to withdraw them.

Step 2: In this example, we’ll be using $ETH to trade with, so we will be moving ETH from our “Main Account” to our “Trading Account”. Under the “Main Account” you will see a “Transfer” link. Click that to bring up the Transfer window. Make sure you are moving FROM the Main Account though! Click the little swap button in the middle to switch accounts around.

Step 3: Convert $ETH to $USDT by clicking on “Trading Account”. Type “ETH” in the search box. In the list of coins/tokens, find “ETH” then click the “Trade” link to the right. Choose “ETH/USDT” from list.

Step 4: Trade ETH For USDT: Unlock the spot trading screen by entering the 6-Digit trading password you created with your account. Under the “Spot” tab, click “Market” and on the SELL ETH side (right with red button), enter the amount in $ETH that you wish to convert to $USDT. [Pro Tip: Click the 100% button below the amount to move it all.]

Step 5: Trade USDT For PYR: Click on the “ETH/USDT (10X)” pair tab (at the top of the page next to the KuCoin logo) to reveal a dropdown. Search “PYR”. Select PYR/USDT. Under the “Spot” tab, click “Market” and on the BUY PYR side (left with green button), enter the amount in $USDT that you wish to convert to $PYR.

Step 6: Transfer PYR from Trading Account to Main Account.

Step 7: Click MetaMask plugin. Ensure ETHEREUM MAINNET is selected (red box in the image below). Copy your wallet address by clicking on the address. On KuCoin, click “Withdraw” tab at top of the page. Select “PYR (Vulcan Forged PYR)”. Paste, your MetaMask wallet address in the space provided. Select ERC20 for the Network. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw. Click Confirm.


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