Land (VulcanVerse)

Land inside Vulcanverse is divided into plots that can be owned, traded, and built upon. Each plot has a unique NFT ID that grants access to it in-game.

These plots are divided into four quadrants, each with its own unique characteristics and qualities: The Underworld of Hades, Gardens of Arcadia, Desert of Notus, and Mountains of Boreas.

In the center of the map where the quadrants meet lies Vulcan City, a neutral territory. Each plot of land can be modified and built by the owner; in whichever way, they see fit. VulcanVerse grants players who own land tools to terramorph and items to build on it.

Each plot of land can also be leveled up to unlock more assets, and even earn passively in the form of $PYR.

Each of the four quadrants will grant landowners their own unique look, designs, and building materials. Landowners will be able to level up their land, unlocking new assets, buildings, and characters (Vulcanites) to explore the world and forage NFT’s. Players can give likes to creative builds and Vulcan will grant rewards.

Underworld of Hades

The dark side of VulcanVerse known as the underworld once ruled by Hades. It has demonic creatures and horrifying landmarks like Necropolis; the City of the Dead, the Palace of Death, swamps, Rivers Acheron, and River Styx. The sky will be dark, the rivers are colored red from the blood rains and the ground will be covered with the ashes from the Thanatos volcano.

Gardens of Arcadia

The Gardens of VulcanVerse and the Gods of Olympus. This quadrant is green and beautiful with landmarks like the Deep Forest, Druid’s Shrine, Woodlands of Ambrosia, and Wineries of the Nectar of the Gods. This is the homeland for creatures like Centaurs, Stags, and Dryads.

Mountains of Boreas

Boreas is the God of the North Wind and of Winter and this quarter is filled with ice-bound mountains, eyries, crag castles, hilltop towns, sinkholes, and mines. The borders of Boreas are mountain ranges, tall, white-maned, slate grey mountains that reach up to the heavens. It is easy to get lost in the labyrinthine passages running through the mountains and it might be safer to take one of the high passes. In this icy and windy environment, only a few creatures will survive like powerful Minotaurs, mischievous Kobolois, Harpies, Cyclops, and a terrifying Sabre-tooth.

Deserts of Notus

Known as the desert of Notus, hot and arid with an infinite amount of sand. Three Pyramid Mausoleums are hidden in the sands of the desert awaiting discovery. Sphinxes are guarding the entrances of the tombs awaiting your entry. Besides the Dunes of Doom, you will discover the Cataract of Oceanus, Cataract of Tethys, and the mighty city of Iskandria. Dangerous creatures like Lions, Spiders, and Scorpions live here and are ready to defend their territory.

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