How do I bridge PYR|ETH to PYR|MATIC using Metamask?

This article is designed to show you how to convert PYR|ETH into PYR|MATIC using Metamask.

This step is only necessary when you purchase $PYR on the ERC-20 Network and wish to convert to $PYR in the Polygon/Matic network OR if you need to convert that PYR|MATIC in the VulcanForged ecosystem back to coins/tokens used for things like CEXs etc.

WARNING: PYR|ETH is different than PYR|MATIC and it’s important to keep in mind which token you’re working with when it comes to transacting. Failure to identify which token you’re working with may result in irreversible loss of funds.

Fees To Be Expected!

WARNING: The bridging process has many fees. Amounts will vary depending on the network’s congestion, please ensure you have sufficient ETH and MATIC funds to complete the entire process. Here are some fees to expect.

FIRST FEE: (smart contract — ex: moving PYR on ETH Mainnet) SECOND FEE: (transaction fee — ex: ETH network fee for moving tokens) THIRD FEE: (smart contract — ex: moving PYR on MATIC Mainnet) FORTH FEE: (transaction fee — ex: MATIC network fee for moving tokens)

This section also requires previous working knowledge of Metamask. If you don’t have a Metamask account or are unfamiliar with it, please check out Metamask before proceeding.

Pro Tip: Use Metamask’s “Expand View” option to have more of a static experience. Click the Metamask extension in your brower, then click the three dots. Click “Expand view” option. This should help navigate tabs in Metamask without losing your place.

Step 1 — Set up Metamask to support MATIC network: By default, the ETH network is already added and supported. However, the MATIC network is not. So now we need to add support for MATIC. Click the extension and select Custom RPC from the dropdown.

Enter the following information on the “Matic Mainnet” setup tab.

Step 02 — Set up Metamask to support PYR token: We need to set up $PYR in BOTH Matic & Ethereum Mainnets.

MATIC MAINNET Make sure your network (top right) in Metamask shows “Matic Mainnet”. Click the “Assets” tab. Click the “Add Token” button at the bottom.

PRY|MATIC Token Contract Address: 0x430ef9263e76dae63c84292c3409d61c598e9682

ETHEREUM MAINNET Make sure your network (top right) in Metamask shows “Ethereum Mainnet”. Click the “Assets” tab. Click the “Add Token” button at the bottom.

On the next page, click the “Custom Token” tab and enter the following contract address.

PYR|ETH (ERC-20) Token Contract Address: 0x430ef9263e76dae63c84292c3409d61c598e9682

Step 03 — Send PYR|ETH to Metamask wallet: Ensure you’re in the ETHEREUM MAINNET network. Copy the address by clicking on the wallet address in Metamask at near the top. Transfer any PYR|ETH funds to this address. So examples of that are with KuCoin and Uniswap.

WARNING: Transferring funds between wallet and Metamask will incur network transaction fees.

Prepare your Metamask wallet with ETH and MATIC funds so you can cover gas fees. You should have ETH sitting in your Metamask wallet on the Ethereum Mainnet network and you should have MATIC sitting in your Metamask wallet on the Matic Mainnet network.


Step 4 — Bridge (ETH Smart Contract):

WARNING: Before anything is started you will be prompted to confirm all transactions and fees from Metamask. Canceling a transaction anytime prior to completion will still incur fees and is NOT ADVISED.

Visit Matic Bridge Web Page. Login with Metamask.

Connect the wallet you want to use to the bridge. Click “Next”, then click “Connect”. This will sign the signature request to allow the Matic Bridge access to your wallet.

Shown below in the image, you will see examples of using the bridge interface. Starting from the right and moving to the left do the following.

  • Ensure that the top half which shows “FROM” is using “Ethereum” and “TO” is using “Polygon” (aka Matic Network).

  • Use the drop-down box to search and choose “PYR Token”.

  • Enter the amount of PYR|ETH you want to convert to PYR|MATIC.

  • Click the “Transfer” button at the bottom.

  • At the “Transfer Overview” page, click “Continue”. Then at the “Confirm Transfer” page click “Continue” to approve the fees and submit the transaction.

At this point Metamask will prompt you for the official confirmation. Click the “Confirm” button. Now, wait for the transaction while it is in progress (it may take a while). At some point the transaction will make it to the MATIC network and then Metamask will prompt you to confirm the MATIC transaction fees (which are usually extremely very small compared to ETH). Click “Confirm” on that Metamask confirmation screen.

Step 5 — Move PYR from Metamask wallet to MyForge wallet: The last step is an easy one, we just need to get the PYR|MATIC from your Metamask wallet over to your official MyForge wallet. Copy your MyForge PYR|MATIC address from your VulcanForged account. Open Metamask extension and click “Send” button at the top. Paste the PYR|MATIC address you previously copied from your MyForge wallet. Select “PYR” from the “Asset” menu. Type the amount of PYR you’re trying to send (or just click “Max” button). Click the “Next” button. Then on the last screen, confirm the transfer. PYR|MATIC should land in your VulcanForged almost immediately.

Pro Tip: If the transaction fails, increase the gas limit.


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