Special NFTs & items

Another category of NFTs are items that will be available in-game and will grant players perks and abilities by which to succeed in the VulcanVerse.

These items can also be bought, foraged, and traded.

Some examples are The Binding Spell of Typhon which can be collected with other items to reward you with a vulcanite or The Winged Boots of Hermes which grants an in-game speed bonus.

VulcanForged Launched NFTs made by the Godfather of Fantasy Art

Some of the greatest fantasy artists of all time have been tokenized into exclusive 1 of 1 Vulcanite editions. Vulcan Forged, through its partnership with Artefy, has secured the IP rights to tokenize NFTs from what some believe to be the greatest fantasy artists of all time.

The artists include Frank Frazetta, Sanjulian, Ciruelo Cabral, Juan Gimenez who have worked on greats such as Conan the Barbarian, Magic the Gathering, Heavy Metal, and the George Lucas’ Bantom trilogy.

The art will be made into exclusive collectible 1 of 1 Vulcanite editions, to be owned and used within Vulcan Forged main game, the fantasy metaverse VulcanVerse. As with other Vulcanites, the image will be rendered into a 3D character NFT that can be used by players to fight, forage, spy, and defend.

Author Jamie Thomson, who is writing a gamebook based on VulcanVerse, has also been given permission to use the artwork within the books and has been given the go-ahead to create the cards and lore for each.

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