Fund management options

This is a comprehensive article covering the technical details regarding the acquisition of $PYR.

It is assumed that you know what ETHEREUM (ETH) is and know how to acquire ETH which is required for some transactions.

In the following articles, you should build full working knowledge on how to acquire $PYR in different methods, as well as convert PYR|ETH (ERC-20 ) into PYR|MATIC (Polygon/Matic), which is what is necessary to interact with everything in the VulcanForged ecosystem.

WARNING: PYR|ETH is different to PYR|MATIC and it’s important to keep in mind which token you’re working with when it comes to transacting, failure to identify which token you’re working with may result in irreversible loss of funds.

Remember to exercise caution, do your own research, and always protect your investments.

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