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What is the $LAVA token?
$LAVA is the secondary token of the VulcanForged ecosystem. It is used for numerous purposes across VulcanVerse and is the life-blood of the entire ecosystem.
The $LAVA token
Players are rewarded with $LAVA by simply playing and engaging with any Vulcan Forged-made or hosted game. Every XP (experience points) route in Vulcan Forged ecosystem that involves gameplay also earns $LAVA. The final $LAVA amounts earned by playing are yet to be finalized but attached is an example of XP routes.

Ways to spend LAVA

Lava is the life-blood of the entire Vulcan Forged ecosystem. With it you can:
    Upgrading Land
    Purchasing consumables in-game
    Upgrade Vulcanite stats
    Activate NFT seeds
    Unlocking game features in different Vulcan Forged games
    Staking in VulcanDex
    Upgrade Land
    Purchasing in-game assets
    Upgrade Gods
    Enter Tournaments
It is also possible to earn $LAVA by staking $PYR using the 'LAVA appreciation program'. Please continue to the next page for more information about this program.
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